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Our Training

Training is one of the most valuable pieces a team can offer its agents. We facilitate structure to train your staff to help scale your brokerage.

Our training program incorporates all the major components (mindset, leadership, and accountability).

We don’t teach you how to manage, but how to build a team and provide the tools needed to nurture your team culture.

Effective training requires leaders who can teach, empower, and create enthusiasm within the work environment.

If you’ve exhausted other alternatives and are ready to transform or transition your current situation, we’re excited to work with you.


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Our Training Programs

Leverage: Build Your Top-Performing Team

Build your real estate empire through teamwork. Are you supported by a solid lead generation model? Have you seen parts of the transaction that can be supported? Are you looking for a better work/life balance?

Learn the nuts and bolts of a winning organizational model. Learn to hire, train, lead and retain a top-performing team.

6 Hour Live Course or 4 Hour Digital Course.

Lead Generate & Convert to Your Production Goals

Where do you want to engage the market? How do you choose the best practices for your real estate operation? Top agents have 5 or fewer funnels where they find their business. This class will help you discover your own lead generation strategy and the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) you should be tracking.

In this 1⁄2 day event, Realtors will see where the opportunity best fits their passion. 6 Hours

Behavioral Selling

Learn the art of behavioral selling. This class will sketch out the 4 personality traits of the DISC profile assessment. Attendees will receive a personalized DISC assessment and learn how to balance their natural sales ability to different personality profiles.

3 Hour Course

Business Planning

This course will allow you to evaluate where you are going for the next 12 months and the systems and leverage you need to obtain the goal. Attendees will take a deep dive into all of the different business models that operate their business and map out the course of action.

6 Hour Course